We want to work with anyone who is interested in breeding lower input ewes and rams, and building connections with like-minded breeders. Members do not need to performance recording through Signet, SIL or Sheep Ireland.

A programme of online meetings and webinars, plus one visit to farms per year. It includes access to a Whatsapp group. It costs £180 per year.

An example plan for 2022/2023 would be:

July 22 – Online meeting – Welcome and group introductions
August 22 – Masterclass – Bobby Lennox – how to performance recording at scale
September 22 – Visit to new member’s farm (could be made into open event)
October 22 – Webinar – Body condition score management – Nerys Wright (AHDB)
November 22 – Online group meeting, plus opportunity to meet at Sheep Breeders Round Table (11-13 Nov))
January 23 – Masterclass – McGowans and marketing stock
February 23 – Webinar – Breeding for worm resistance
March 23 – AGM
May 23 – Online meeting
June 23 – Webinar – Development of health protocols

Notes: Online meeting is a more relaxed meeting, where the members of the groups take it in turn to share their experiences. Webinars are with external speakers on technical topics. Masterclasses are done by members of specific topic.

If you are interested contact Liz Genever on maternalsheepgroup@gmail.com or 07790 378349